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Last weekend our book club met and we enjoyed a fantastic night out at a local Pizzeria.
We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed some great wine.
It was definitely the place to be.

This month we met at Frank's Pizza Napoletana.
And it's not just any old pizza joint.

Frank's is special in that all of the pizzas are cooked in a STEFANO FERRARA OVEN.
The pizzas actually cook in like 2 minutes, or something crazy!!

It's explained as 
"All the bricks and mortar are actually made from volcanic material from Mount Vesuvius. It is the focal point of our open kitchen, our menu and our concept and definitely the true heart and soul of our pizza. It’s the intense heat this oven generates that makes the pizzas taste so great. These ovens are hard to tame, but even harder not to love. This ancient style of oven is a dynamic living thing, constantly in flux. The way the oven stores the heat, the smoky flavor imparted on the pizza from the wood and the speed at which it cooks are all the keys to producing true Pizza Napoletana."

We decided to get a few pizzas and all share so that we could taste them all.
They were all great.

Salmone Affumicato
(FRANK’S Pecan Smoked Atlantic Salmon
Capers-Shaved Red Onion-Creme Fraiche

San Daniele Con Rucola
(Grape Tomatoes-FRANK’S Mozzarella
Italian Tomatoes-Prosciutto Crudo
Arugula-Pecorino Romano-Lemon & E.V.O.O.)

Margherita Extra
(Mozzarella Di Bufala-Basil-Italian Tomatoes
Pecorino Romano-E.V.O.O.)

(Peperonata-Shaved Red Onion-Mushrooms
Asparagus-Garlic-French Goat Cheese
Pecorino Romano-Italian Tomatoes-Fresh Thyme)

Fig & Pig
(Port Glazed Black Mission Figs-Fontina
Panna-Pecorino Romano-Gorgonzola
Sliced Prosciutto Crudo & White Truffle Oil)

So after we stuffed ourselves, we lightly discussed September's book club selection.

I really enjoyed this book.
It took me a while to get through it, though.
I had to put it down at times and read something else.
But always went back to it.
I really enjoyed the concept of the main character's life and how history could change with just a single action.

Here is a review from GoodReads.

Next month we are tackling Stephen King's latest.
(Which is the Shining#2--I'm already a little freaked out just thinking about reading this!!)

It's Ghost Tour month and we are all super excited!
Check it out here.

It's so much fun!!

So, what are you reading??

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  1. I know better than to sit down and read blogs when I'm hungry. Those pizzas look amazing.
    I've never read The Shining, but I've seen him doing some publicity interviews for the second one lately. Tooooo scary!!!!!


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