Huffington Post Taste--I Really Like You

Sometimes I get emails from different online publications and am totally blown away that they want to feature one of my recipes.

(I always get this feeling that this is fake when I'm initially contacted.
I don't know why, 
but sometimes it just blows me away when someone other than my sister or Dad tells me that they love my recipes.
It's really weird in the grocery store when a person walks up to me and tells me that they read my blog every day and ask me what I'm making this weekend--this really happened and I was 
totally in shock.
I'm getting a little more used to it, but it's still a little weird.)

 is one of those publications that has contacted me several times.
I absolutely love this website.
They find recipes from all over the web and give absolutely fabulous recipe ideas.
It's a one-stop shop for recipes and food trends.
I am so excited to have one of my recipes featured again on their fabulous site and am beyond grateful for the readership exposure.

This time,
they wanted to feature my Spinach Artichoke Jalapeno Poppers 
and I was beyond excited to share.

Please visit Huffington Post Taste and my site for the recipe.

Thanks again to 

for this fabulous opportunity and feature.

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  1. I made bacon wrapped poppers last weekend. Why are they so dang good?! I'll definitely have to try yours.

    I've never, ever, not once been recognized as a "blogger", so you are TOTALLY fancy! :)


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