Thirsty Thursday--Frozen Mojitos

This is not the cocktail that I was planning on posting this week,
but I just had to share it because it is so, so good.
It's perfect for this very hot weather.
And a super cold, refreshing cocktail is definitely perfect for celebrating July 4th.

One of my friends mentioned making this delectable cocktail and described it so perfectly,
that I just couldn't get it out of my mind.
I had to make it.

I'm so glad that I did.

If you love mojitos, you are going to love this one.
Cold and refreshing with a little kick.

Frozen Mojitos
(slightly adapted from Bobby Flay-Frozen Mojito)

Makes 2 cocktails

1/4 cup simple syrup
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
12 mint leaves, plus more for garnish
6 ounces white rum
2 cups crushed ice

In the pitcher of a blender, add the simple syrup, lime juice, and mint leaves.  Blend well.  Add the rum and crushed ice.  Blend until frothy.  Pour into 2 glasses and garnish with mint.


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  1. That's it. I have totally died & gone to Mojito Heaven!


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