Fall Wish List

We've had one cool day,
not a cold day,
but a day that dipped into the 70's...
and I am so ready for fall.

I can't wait for boots, jackets, and sweaters.
I even started decorating my house for fall this past weekend
(photos to come soon).

I absolutely love fall clothes-really clothes for all seasons,   
but I adore the comfort and coziness of fall, and 
I love, love, love boots.
(Did I say that already??)

Here are a few of my favorites that I plan on adding to my fall wardrobe.

Fall Wish List

How much do you love that clutch and silk dress?
Oh, and that sweatshirt is gorgeous.
I can't wait.
(I sure do hope that someone special reading this gets me that watch ASAP--hint, hint Honey.)

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  1. I love Fall clothes, too, Sabrina! It's so easy to pull really cute outfits together, with a great pair of boots. That one teaser day of Fall temps really got me in the mood!