Beauty Review-Kopari All-Natural Deodorant

Around a month ago I decided to switch to an all natural deodorant due to some sensitivity and allergy problems with regular deodorant.  I chose Kopari because I just really love all of their products.  I also like that it's made with coconut oil, which I tend to use for everything.

Now, don't get me wrong, I knew that this would be a big change--no anti-perspirant.  This is a big deal, especially when you work out regularly.

Kopari deodorant is made with coconut oil, coconut water, and sage oil.  It is aluminum free, no parabens, no silicones, and no phthalates.  It's all natural and non-toxic.

So you might ask, why do I need an all-natural deodorant???  As for me, I need a natural deodorant due to my skin sensitivity with chemicals, artificial fragrance, and parabens.  I am also nervous regarding the growing health risk associated with using chemicals, especially aluminum around or near my sweat glands.  (I'm not saying that deodorants are dangerous, just not good for me and all of my crazy allergies!!)

Week 1:

My first impression of this deodorant was that it smelled really good--a light, sweet coconut scent.  The deodorant application was very smooth.  I did notice that in a few hours that my underarms felt a little dry.  No problem. I just reapplied. I do not feel like a sweated more or that I had any body odor.

(Towards the end of the first week I did receive an email from Kopari explaining what would happen week by week.  This explained a lot.)

Week 2:

I was really starting to question if having raw, itchy armpits was all that bad! I was really missing my old deodorant and felt really self conscious about any odors.  I had to reapply quite often and my underarms felt dry, but not itchy. I also wasn't sure at this point about the coconut fragrance.  I felt that my natural smell and the coconut smell really weren't that symbiotic.


I powered through.  I still had to reapply, but probably did it more than needed because I felt like I was sweating more.  (Did I mention self-conscious about odors??)  My only problem this week is that I made the mistake of shaving my underarms and immediately putting on deodorant right after, thinking that it would be ok since I was dealing with this new, great deodorant.  WRONG!!  When I used my old deodorant, I usually waited at least an hour or so and applied a light moisturizer under my arms before applying deodorant due to my allergies and sensitivity or I ended up with red, itchy arm pits.  This time I ended up with pink underarms that were a little sensitive, but not itchy. The next day they were ok.  Also, the coconut fragrance was more pleasant to me.  

Week 4:

The finish line.  I'm really loving this deodorant now.  I feel like I am sweating less and really no bad odor.  I still reapply at least once daily, twice if working out.  No more dry or itchy underarms.  I'm still a little worried about shaving and applying, but will probably continue to be cautious.

So the verdict is that I really like this deodorant and am very glad that I switched. I love that I eliminated something that contains chemicals from my daily routine--one step at a time, right. Also, one of  the very best things about this deodorant is that it does not get on your clothing.  So plus, plus, plus.

I am also glad that I switched in February and not July.  I'll let you know how it does during a hot, Louisiana summer.



Disclaimer:  None of this is sponsored and this product was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the company above.  I just love beauty products and love to talk about what I like.  (Also, I did use the photos that were sent to me in the email because I loved how they explained what was going to happen.)


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