Happy Hour-Mimosa Bar

Brunch, brunch, brunch--the absolute best meal of the weekend.
Who doesn't love brunch??  And who doesn't love a Mimosa Bar??

This is absolutely one of my favorite kinds of cocktails to make for a party.  It's simple (with a juicer) and can be prepared ahead of time. I made two different juices-pineapple mango and honeydew.  I also prepared a carafe of hibiscus rose syrup.  The colors were perfect for spring.

My super sweet friend, Vicki, was kind enough to host a birthday brunch with some of our friends to celebrate several of our birthdays.

She made all of the fabulous food and I brought the juice.  I definitely got the easier of the jobs.
Vicki even made the Chantilly Cake (lucky me--she shared the recipe so I'll definitely be making soon).

A few of the ladies having pineapple mango mimosas and a hibiscus rose mimosas.

Gorgeous honeydew mimosa--my favorite.

 (Vicki's Chantilly cake-- so good.)

We all had such a fabulous time for our birthday brunch and everyone really enjoyed all of the food and the mimosas.




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