Our Spring Patio

Welcome to our spring patio. I'm so glad you stopped by today for a little tour.  This area of our house is definitely where we spend most of our time during the spring and fall.  It's full of color ( which I love) and is a great space for relaxing and entertaining.

Our backyard area has changed quite a bit in the last few years.  We've added a fireplace, tons of outdoor lights, and changed up a few of the flower beds. My husband continues to nurture his love of Japanese Maples with varieties such as Tamukeyama, Waterfall, and Crimson Queen.

On either side of the fireplace we  started growing fig ivy.  Our winter was absolutely horrible this year and the fig ivy definitely took a toll, but our early spring (70's and 80's during the day) is definitely helping it right along. We also planted a Summer White Clematis on our fleur-de-lis trellis-very Louisiana.

Beyond the original flagstone patio is a pea gravel patio with a flagstone path.  The bed to the right is where I plant all of my herbs.  I also have tons of day lillies and cut flowers such as dahlias, peonies, and calla lillies. It's a lot of work, but I really love it.

(Can you find Bella??  She had to make an appearance.  She was following me while I was taking pictures.)

Here is my all-time favorite tree- a Traveller Weeping Redbud.  Throughout this bed there is also  Bloodgood, and Shishigashira "Lion's Head" Japanese maples, ferns, daylillies, a peonie tree (hopefully it's going to live). The back fence has a Katrina rose.

The back flowerbed has a great view of the entire patio.  We added these string lights last year and love them.

Here is the patio at dusk--all lit up.  Also take a look at the original art by Michael Gilbert made out of an old Corona tabletop. 

(JuJu didn't want to be left out.)

Thanks again for stopping by and touring our patio.  How is your garden growing right now? I would love to know.




  1. Holy moly!!!!! Your patio is gorgeous! I don't recall you posting photos of it before.

    1. Thanks so much!! I think I posted a few in the past, but it’s been a long time ago. I’m loving all of the pics of your yard. It’s so huge and beautiful!!


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