Beauty Favorites--Dove's Men+Care

The super nice folks at Influenster and Dove sent me a box of Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh products for review.  So I put Rick to work trying them out with me as the official smeller.  Opposite, right.  Normally I am the one trying everything out and he gives the second opinion.  Rick was all into it and loved it.

First, I must say that I am a huge Dove skincare fan.  It's the only brand of body wash that I use.  (I also love the new exfoliator that they have.) So when I received the Men's grooming kit, I was very excited.

Dove Extra Fresh Body and Fash Wash-- This two-in-one is great. The smell is fresh with hints of cucumber and mint and leaves your skin feeling cool and moisturized throughout the day.  The body and face wash use Micromoisture technology for protection against dryness throughout the day.

Dove Extra Fresh Shampoo + Conditioner-- Rick has definitely become a fan of this shampoo.  We both love the fragrance and he says that his hair feels softer and looks shinier.  The shampoo is fortified with caffeine and menthol, giving a tingling sensation when washing.  He really likes that it is a two-in-one, saving time in the shower.

Dove Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar-- Normally, neither of us are bar soap fans, but this soap has been great for washing your face after facing our tough Louisiana heat.  Rick says that the cooling aspect of the soap is the best part.  The soap keeps his skin hydrated and feels soft,  It rinses away without leaving his skin feeling oily.  Also,  I love that he smells so fresh and clean after using it.

Dove Extra Fresh Dry Spray Antiperspirant-- I had to do a little convincing to get him to use this product.  He is usually a clinical strength deodorant fan, but both of us were pleasantly surprised with this deodorant.  First, he smelled fresh and clean right after the initial application and throughout the day.  The smell is not overpowering.  He said that he felt like it worked all day long and had no irritation at all.

So I will definitely give Dove's Men+Care Extra Fresh products 5 stars.  The products are great and the smell is terrific.  Like all of Dove's products, they are good quality and non-irritating.  I cannot recommend them enough.


Sabrina (and Rick)

(Infuenster and Dove provided these products for my review.  All opinions or reviews are my own.)

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