August Sweet Links

My husband and I kind of have a ritual. Every night after everything calms down (work is finished, work-outs complete, dinner is eaten and cleaned up, and both of us are in our pjs) we watch a little TV, aka watch tv while searching the internet.  It's become such a routine.  Usually I have a glass of wine and stalk all of my favorite sites.  It's so fulfilling.  I get asked all of the time who I religiously follow, so I thought that once a month I would try my best to share with you the sites I'm totally obsessed with, fun recipes, and random inspirations.  Hope you enjoy my list of Sweet Links!

This Pavlova topped with berries and passionfruit looks absolutely amazing!! I love Pavlova and I think that this might be one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen.

I just got 8 inches cut off of my hair and am feeling like a different person.  I think I need a new styling product.  What do you think of this one?? I've been curing my hair with a straightener, and I want it to look like hers.

I want this Coconut Rosewater Blackberry Smash right now- it looks absolutely delish and sounds amazing. Oh, and look at this one from Holly & Flora--I'm obsessed with these Sparkling Spiced Blackberry Negronis and this St. Germain Negroni from I am a food blog.

I recently ordered an Instant Pot and now I'm obsessed with Instant Pot recipes like this Instant Pot Hummus. What are your favorite ones?  If I'm being honest, it intimidates me just a little.  I know I've got to power through and use it though.  

Our next big trip is going to be Hawaii so when I saw this Maui Moscow Mule I knew it would be perfect, have to make!! Also this Easy Hawaiian Dip.  Looks like I might have to have a party.

I  also ordered a Paella pan and now I am obsessed with wanting to make all kinds of seafood paella.  These recipes look fantastic... here, here, and here.

These Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookies sound absolutely divine, and these Nutella Brownies make me want to sigh, and these M&M Brownie Cookies. Gosh, I love desserts!!

I've got to make this Prosciutto & Melon Salad soon--looks delicious. Oh wow, and look at this Spicy Tomato Watermelon Salad--so good.  This is all I want.

She is one of my all-time favorites and these Everything Fried Pickles are everything!!  (I might try stalking her when I go to New Orleans in two weeks to try to meet her.)

I am 100% making these Grilled Mussels Al Fresco as soon as the weather gets a little cooler (it's hot as Hades now in my backyard)--I cannot wait. They look amazing and the photography on this site is too much.  Such great inspo.

So who else is looking forward to tailgating?? I love watching LSU and the Saints and I love, love, love the parties.  I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite tailgating recipes soon, but I think this Caramelized Onion Dip and these Loaded Mexican-Style Potato Skins might have to join the group.



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