Happy Hour--The Waiting Room

This past weekend my husband and I spent a little time in New Orleans.  We stopped into one of our favorite restaurants/bars, SoBou for a cocktail before dinner on Friday night.  Every time I visit SoBou I always have the hardest time deciding on a specific drink.  (All of them look so delicious.). This time I decided on a gin cocktail called "The Waiting Room" and I might have had more than two of them.

This cocktail is a delicious blend of gin, Lillet wine, lemon juice, orgeat (almond) syrup, and orange bitters. It's the perfect combination of herbally sweetness with a touch of citrus. I'm not sure if my version is exactly the same as of the one at SoBou, but it sure comes close.

Yield: 1 cocktail

The Waiting Room

A delicious Gin Lillet cocktail inspired by a delicious cocktail from SoBou New Orleans.


  • 2 ounces gin ( I used Citadelle)
  • 1 1/2  ounces Lillet
  • 1 ounce orgeat syrup
  • 1/2 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 dashes orange bitters
  • lemon peel for garnish


  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add the gin, Lillet, orgeat syrup, and lemon juice.  Shake well until combined and fully chilled.  
  2. Pour into a champagne coupe. Add 2 dashes of orange bitters and garnish with a lemon peel.




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