Travel Diary--Seine River Cruise in Paris, France

Taking a Seine River Cruise was probably the most loved things that we did in Paris. It is, of course, very touristy and so cliché but truly it was one of the best things that we did on our recent trip. And our course, we were tourists so we really can't help being touristy.  (We definitely stuck out like sore thumbs with our Louisiana accents trying to speak French and iPhone maps.)

Walking around Paris is such a wonderful experience, but I loved seeing this beautiful city from such a different perspective.  We had a great time taking the river cruise and I most definitely recommend this activity to anyone who wants to see Paris in a relaxing, intimate way.  Lean back and take in the special views of Paris’ most famous sights like Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower or the Pont Neuf while sipping some fantastic French Champagne. It truly changes everything.

We booked this cruise from Viator and it was fantastic. The cruise starts close to the Eiffel tower and you are escorted to a private room at the front of the boat with only a few other people. A sommelier acted as our tour guide and gave us quite an education on several different French Champagnes.

The bridges were my favorite part--you can't really see all of the details from the streets.

Museum d' Orsay

Notre Dame Cathedral

So what's your favorite touristy activity?  We loved and will definitely recommend this Seine River cruise.  I can't wait to return to Paris and definitely plan to enjoy this cruise again (hint, hint Rick).  



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